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We bring real-life shopping experiences online.

A truly curated envionment

Our revolutionary platform for arranging and displaying retail content is free from the technical and structural constraints of HTML-based websites which make all traditional ecommerce sites behave the same way.

The Ownable experience is open plan – just like real-life shopping – with brands and products curated and laid out visually within a 360 degree shopping canvas ready for guests to explore.


A digital store – not an online catalogue

Traditional ecommerce sites are organised around a searchable data catalogue. The essence of real-life stores is curation and visual merchandising – arranging content displays as you want them to be rather than by data type.

Store displays are designed to be attention grabbing, attractive and inspiring – creating a delightful experience for guests. This is what Ownable can achieve online.


Configured to your needs

Ownable is configured to work for you. We have a range of options that enables you to manage your destination’s online presence in the way that makes most sense to you.

Site layout

Choose how you want to arrange your destination and its stores online.

Visual merchandising

Control of merchandising products online - conform to brand values and merchandising guidelines.

Membership configuration

Define how you want to integrate your existing membership programme.


Fulfilment configuration

Select the preferred options for fulfilling orders.

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