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Ownable is a first-of-its-kind platform, that enables destination operators and their brand partners to increase revenue while complementing and enhancing the destination experience.

For guests, Ownable is a new and immersive way to shop. Brands and products are curated and laid out visually within a 360 degree environment, ready to wander around, browse and discover. 

Our technology is built entirely around the needs of destination operators and their brand partners.

Increased value


Ownable increases your sales density without increasing the physical footprint. As a complementary online shopping experience, we can help you drive more transactions through your brand partners’ stores – ensuring they are performing even when guests are not visiting them.


By enabling guests to browse remotely, we also increase their desire to visit in person – thereby boosting footfall.


Enhanced experience


Ownable enables you to create an online retail experience – not an online catalogue like traditional ecommerce solutions.


Our revolutionary platform distils the essence of real-life retailing, where stores are laid out to be attention grabbing, attractive and inspiring – creating an enjoyable, leisurely online experience for your guests.


Greater control


Our curation tools and resources give your brand partners the power to visually merchandise their brand experience online. Unlike standard ecommerce solutions, we enable your partners to bring their brands to life in a way that reflects their true values, within their own online store.


We have a range of visual merchandising templates so brands can customise the way they present their products – whilst offering guests added value benefits such as special promotions and enhanced content to encourage them to buy online as well as visit the physical store.


Stronger partnerships


Ownable helps you facilitate and extend your brand partnerships. Our platform enables you optimise the online layout of the destination  ensuring brands are best positioned effectively to realise the greatest value.



Easy to implement & manage


Our platform is configured to work the way you and your brand partners work. We have a range of tools and templates which make it extremely easy to get you and your brand partners up and running. The system is highly configurable and can evolve as your needs evolve.

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